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Creating & connecting a JustGiving page

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Creating & connecting
a JustGiving page

Essential information to get your fundraising campaign started as part of On The Move - act now

Thanks so much for agreeing to take part in the MK Marathon this year, and for joining the On The Move family. To get set up, there are just a few steps you’ll need to take.

What is JustGiving?

JustGiving is the fundraising platform we use for all of our work within On The Move.

You’ll be using JustGiving to create your own fundraising page (think of it as the charity equivalent to your Facebook or Twitter profile). It’ll act as a central place for all of your fundraising activity.

Most importantly, people will be able to donate directly to your chosen cause through your JustGiving page, and all of the complicated financial stuff will be handled for you! And they’ll be able to donate using a normal computer, a tablet device or even a smartphone – JustGiving works throughout.

You don’t need to have any advanced knowledge to set a page up, nor do you need to be a fundraising wizard to attract donations. But you will have to spend a little bit of your time getting the basics right.

JustGiving is open-ended. If you spend more time updating and improving your page, and promoting it, you’re likely to drastically increase the amount of money you raise.

Why do I need a JustGiving page?

In order to accept donations online for the cause you’ve selected, you’ll need a JustGiving page.

It’s also useful for handling any offline donations (like any additional cash you’ve collected through bucket shaking, or donations pledged by family who don’t have a computer), because you’ll be able to process them through JustGiving yourself too.

You’ll also be able to connect with your donors there, by thanking them for donations, or by writing regular updates on your progress.

Everyone participating in the On The Move campaign will have a JustGiving page, and each one will be connected to a central “Team”, allowing us to tot up the total amounts raised between us.

Every pound that you raise goes towards our overall team fundraising target, and we want to make sure we’re counting all of them!

What’s expected of me?

We ask every Mover to commit to raising a minimum of £500.

That might seem like a tough target, but at the end of the year’s campaign it will all add up to us hitting our collective team target of £50,000 – and that’s going to make a huge difference to the cause you’ve chosen, and to the people’s lives that they support.

However, your JustGiving page won’t raise money by itself. Without any promotion, nobody will know about the incredible effort you’re contributing. So promotion is going to be key.

By promoting your fundraising efforts effectively (using your JustGiving page as a centre-point), raising a minimum of £500 is absolutely an achievable goal.

We’ll talk about ways you can promote your page and increase your donations later.

! Critical Step !

01. Create your JustGiving page now

As a Mover, it’s essential that you have a JustGiving page set up.

It’s easy. Start by visiting and hit the “Start fundraising” button, then pick the “A Charity” option, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: This process may vary if you already have a JustGiving account, or if you choose to Sign Up using a Facebook account. Just follow the instructions they provide if so, and skip to: “Connecting to your Team” below.

02. Pick a cause

As you follow the sign-up process on the JustGiving site, you’ll be prompted to select which charity you’re fundraising for in order to accept donations on behalf of them.

To pick a charity, simply use the search tool provided. You’ll need to manually type in either “Meningitis Now”, or “Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes”.

When your selection pops up as a result of your search, just select it to proceed.

Why can’t I support both causes?

Although On The Move supports multiple charities, each of us fundraises for just one – and you’re going to need to choose which one is right for you before proceeding any further.

Committing to a single cause will keep your efforts focused, and your message clear.

Choose from either:
Meningitis Now or Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes

If you haven’t made your mind up yet, and you want to find out more before deciding, then you should start by taking a look at their individual cause pages here on our site (just click one of the links above). We provide a basic overview, and link to each charity’s website from there too.

03. Select the right event

The next important point you’ll need to select is the event you’re taking part in.

You’ll need to select that you’re taking part in an event (the MK Marathon), so click the blue “Organised Event” button beneath this section – the MK Marathon.

Next, just type in “Milton Keynes Marathon” into the search bar provided, and make the selection.

04. Complete your details

The rest of the sign-up process is pretty self explanatory, so you can continue to follow it through from there. It won’t take you long to have your JustGiving fundraising page up and running.

05. Making your page more effective

Not all of the fields in the sign-up form are required to complete, and for those that are – you can always fill in just the basics as a starting point.

However, to make your JustGiving fundraising page more effective, and to stand the best chance of raising the most money for your chosen cause, then you should spend as much time as you can completing it thoroughly, providing all the important information a potential donor might want to know – and injecting a little of your own story and personality into the mix too.

You might consider writing about…

Why you’re fundraising for the cause you’ve selected
Why you’ve decided to take part this year
What your experience is – Have you ever run a marathon or fundraised before? That you’re taking part as part of the On The Move team
Anything personal about your fundraising story

Don’t forget to add a great photo

It’s important that you think about the visual side of your page too.

On JustGiving, pages with a relevant photo tend to raise more than those without.

What does your photo say about you? Is it personal? Is it inviting? Does it attract attention? These are all things that can make the difference between a fundraising page that scrapes past its target – and one that absolutely smashes it.

06. Improve your page over time

Once you’ve created your JustGiving page for the first time, it doesn’t have to stay like that forever.

If you’re struggling to complete the information required, or you’re unsure of how to answer a specific section, then you can always just write something that’s short and sweet as a starting point, and then return to it later on for another go.

Being able to make changes to your fundraising page is actually a great feature of JustGiving, because it means you can make all kinds of changes as time goes by – great for keeping things up to date, and keeping your potential donors informed of your efforts.

Need some help getting your fundraising page completed? We’ve published some sample content to get you started – use it for inspiration, or just personalise it for your own needs.

See Sample Content Page

07. Write frequent updates

There’s actually a good blogging feature built right into your JustGiving page too, which you should consider using to let people know about how your campaign is progressing.

Believe it or not, your work colleagues, friends and family (and maybe a lot of other people besides) are certainly going to be interested in how your training is going, and how close you are to hitting your fundraising total as your campaign moves forward.

So don’t hold back – experiment with features like the blog to find ways to maximise your fundraising potential. After all, running a marathon is no mean feat, you’re putting yourself through an excrutiating experience for the sake of a great cause, and that surely deserves shouting about.

A basic, static, un-changing fundraising page is unlikely to attract anyone back for a second visit, meaning that you’re missing out on potential donations and repeat donations.

You might consider writing about…

Your first training session
Did you train with a friend recently?
Did you go somewhere special to train recently?
Are you training in the gym – or pounding the pavements?
Have you joined a running club?
Do you use any special equipment – like special trainers?
Do you have something “lucky” you take with you when you run?
Have you been on a special diet in preparation for the marathon?
You might publish your performance data from your Apple Watch / FitBit?
As the big day approaches, are you experiencing any nerves?
Consider writing thank-you messages to your donors. You could even thank each one personally.

08. Connect your page to the right JustGiving Team

Now that you’ve set up your own Just Giving fundraising page, it’s important to connect it up properly to the wider On The Move team.

A team is a term used on the JustGiving platform to describe a group of fundraisers, all working toward a shared target on behalf of a single cause. At On The Move, we have two teams – one for each of the causes we’re supporting. By joining (or connecting to) one of those teams, any donations you receive will count towards our shared fundraising target of £50,000.

You’ll also receive more attention to your fundraising page, because each donation you receive will be shown on the team page too – raising your profile and attracting more potential donors.

Meningitis Now

If you’ve picked Meningitis Now as your cause to support this year, then you can connect to the appropriate team page below.

Visit Team Page

Just select your JustGiving page and click ‘Join Team’.

You can double check you’re a member by scrolling to the very bottom of the page where you’ll see your page listed.

Winter Night Shelter MK

If you’ve picked Winter Night Shelter MK as your cause to support this year, then you can connect to the appropriate team page below.

Visit Team Page

Just select your JustGiving page and click ‘Join Team’.

You can double check you’re a member by scrolling to the very bottom of the page where you’ll see your page listed.

09. Get fundraising!

That’s it, you’re all set up and ready to get fundraising.

These instructions probably seem long, but the process is actually very simple – and the sign-up forms at JustGiving are very self-explanatory. The most important thing is to make sure your fundraising page is working (visit the link they provide you), it’s showing the charity that you selected (you’ll see their logo on your page), and you’ve connected it to the appropriate team (you can check that your page appears on the team page).

Beyond that, it’s up to you. You can invest as much, or as little time and energy in improving your JustGiving page as you like. But as a general rule, the more personal and more detailed you make your page, the more engaging it will be – and the more donations you’ll receive.

We know that writing about yourself and your fundraising activity can be tough, especially if you’ve never done anything like this before – but it does become easier, and you’ll build momentum as your campaign progresses and marathon day draws closer.

Last but not least – we’d like to say a big thank you for your time, effort, and patience in getting your page setup. You’re taking part in something really special, and when we hit that £13,000 target, all the hard work will have paid off.

All done! What’s next?

Have you created an account at JustGiving, launched your fundraising page, and connected it to the relevant On The Move team page?

Great! You’re now well on the way to starting your important journey as an On The Move fundraiser on behalf of a great cause.

We’ve provided some great sample content to get you started with your JustGiving fundraising page. You can use it just for inspiration, or copy + paste + customise it in order to get basic all the basic information you need into place quickly. It’s a great tool if you’re struggling to get writing…

See Sample Content Page