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Join the On the Move team on Strava

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Boost your confidence and train together
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Discover how you can benefit from sharing the stresses and strains of training with other positive, like-minded people at a local running club

Running needn’t be lonely.
Join a local running club for a more inclusive training experience.


Strava is the Swedish word for “strive”, and it’s a social network for athletes. It’s a global community of millions of runners, cyclists and triathletes – united by the camaraderie of sport.

Their mobile app brings people together, helps them share and compare progress, and inspires people to unlock their potential – both as individuals and a team, no matter your ability.

At On the Move we have our very own Strava account where Movers can log each run, see how the rest of the team are doing, and keep track on that all important leader board. It introduces a competitive element to training in the same way that more traditional (offline) running clubs do – but if that’s not your thing, then there’s no pressure to do anything beyond what you can manage and feel comfortable with.

How to join your On The Move teammates on Strava

If you don’t have an account with Strava yet, you can set up one up by visiting

When you’ve registered, just fill in your details and upload a lovely profile photo. Don’t worry, you won’t need a premium account for anything we’re doing communally for On The Move – so our advice is to stick with the free option.
Once you’ve created your account, you can join one of the teams we’ve created:

Just click ‘Request to Join Team’ button on either of those team pages to join in the fun.

Finally, you should download the Strava app (available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) onto your smartphone and you’re ready to track your training and be part of one of our digital running clubs. Enjoy!

Up & Running

If you’re based in Milton Keynes then there’s another great option available to you.We’ve partnered with local sports shop Up and Running, which is located on Elder Gate, close to the Central Milton Keynes Train Station.

Up and Running organise several runs that happen regularly each and every week – all year long.

We recommend signing up for their Social Run Group – a great starting point for beginners looking to boost their overall fitness levels. SRG is on every Tuesday starting from 10:15am (5k), and every Wednesday starting at 6.30pm (5k & 5 Miles).

If you’d like to take part in Social Run Group, you should register online first. You currently get a free t-shirt just for taking part too.

Connect with other Movers

If running in a larger group isn’t for you, but you’d still like to try a more social training experience, then you might find it beneficial to try organising a more informal session with a smaller group of Movers.

Go ahead and ask other teammates individually, or if you don’t have anyone specific in mind then get in touch with us directly and we’ll try to partner you up with someone else who’s interested.

Other types of fitness club

If you’ve been pounding the pavements for weeks already, then you may well be tired of the same routine. Remember, there are plenty of ways to increase your overall fitness level other than running, and there are groups that meet together to practice nearly anything! Why not be adventurous and try something new?

In Milton Keynes and London you’ll find groups meeting regularly for walking, hiking, cycle rides, swimming, and plenty more.

Milton Keynes Council have published a useful list of good cycle clubs that you should check out as a possible starting point. On yer bike!