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Relieving Poverty, Distress & Homelessness

The Winter Night Shelter have helped hundreds of people in Milton Keynes, who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness during the coldest winter months.

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On 6th May, 2019, our incredible team of dedicated fundraisers are running the Milton Keynes Marathon on behalf of the Winter Night Shelter – and we need your support!

Your donation will make a real difference to people’s lives affected by homelessness in our city.

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What does it mean to be homeless?

Most people are lucky enough to never have to experience what it’s like to live without a roof over their head, somewhere warm to sleep at night, a door to close when you want some alone time, some privacy to wash and dress, some basic facilities to cook, an address to use when looking for work or with which to claim benefits – or just a place to call home.

For those that do experience homelessness, it can be a severely traumatic experience that can be damaging phsically, emotionally and mentally. And it’s desperately hard to escape from.

Homelessness in Milton Keynes

Homelessness is something that’s already a affecting a lot of people in our town, and it’s growing. It’s hard to accurately know how many people are “homeless” in Milton Keynes, but we estimate that over 2,000 people are either in emergency temporary accommodation or sleeping rough on the streets. Many multiples of that number are sofa surfing with no permanent address, or vulnerably housed and risk eviction within the next 30 days.

Milton Keynes is ranked 29th on a league table of the boroughs with the highest rates of recorded homelessness in England – the second worst in the South East of England, and support services have been steadily closing over recent years.

People deserve better

At On The Move, it’s not about the numbers – we care about individuals. All of which are just like you and I – regular people that have experienced some really difficult times, and they deserve a chance for something better.

A lot of people are surprised that in an affluent place like Milton Keynes, there is such little support for those affected by homelessness. We don’t think that even one person in our area should face another night on the streets. For people affected by or at risk of homelessness, every day is a struggle to get by – we’re determined to change that.

Who are the Winter Night Shelter MK?

The Winter Night Shelter is a charity local to Milton Keynes whose aim is to relieve poverty, distress and help homeless people rebuild their lives.

Every year, between the coldest months of December and March, the Winter Night Shelter open the doors of local churches and community centres to house the city’s homeless overnight.

Since the Winter Night Shelter started in 2011, they have hosted over 400 guests, provided around 6000 beds for the night, served over 10,000 hot meals and helped more than 250 people into longer term accommodation.

This is all possible thanks to an army of over 750 volunteers, who make it possible for the Winter Night Shelter to operate 7 days a week from November to March every year, create a comfortable, friendly, inviting, inclusive and non-judgemental space with a focus on immediate crisis relief, while establishing long-term support.

What do the Winter Night Shelter MK do?

The Winter Night Shelter MK offer a temporary shelter to homeless adults who have nowhere else to stay. Guest can expect a warm welcome, a hot drink, a freshly prepared meal, a shower and a clean bed to sleep in. Some incredible people volunteer at the shelter, offering a chance for residents to have a conversation with someone that respects them as they are – normal people.

Because homelessness is a complex issue and no two people are alike, they have a dedicated team to support guests with any issues that may be a barrier to securing permanent housing – including access to better clothing, toiletries, physical and mental health services. Most importantly, they also explore every potential option to find longer term options for accomodation ready for when they’re set to leave the shelter.

But even at full capacity, the Winter Night Shelter can’t house all of Milton Keynes’ homeless, nor is it operational 12 months a year.

To help resolve this, On The Move are supporting a brand new, very special project organised by the Winter Night Shelter. It’s called Unity Park Station.

A Sanctuary of Hope in Milton Keynes

For the first time in Milton Keynes, there will be a single place that can help someone vulnerably housed find their way. So for people worried about housing, or already facing crisis, Unity Park Station will be their first stop.

A prominent, permanent base – the Old Bus Station building has been secured as a home for Unity Park, creating a powerful central resource for people in need in our town.

Helping combine many of the expert agencies already working in Milton Keynes, Unity Park Station will be the go-to location for anyone already struggling with issues surrounding homelessness and looking for free, confidential, help and support.

Why are we supporting the Winter Night Shelter?

At Rightmove, our happy is our home, and our home is Milton Keynes. We’re proud to live here, but we’re also saddened that so many people live here without a safe, warm home of their own.

We wanted to do something about that and in particular support the Winter Night Shelter whom have been incredible at helping those who would otherwise be rough sleeping during the extreme winter months. We particularly liked their vision for Unity Park Station, aiming to prevent homelessness by providing support to those in need before they are in crisis, not afterwards.

In the belief that everyone has the right to somewhere to rest their head at night, we’re proud to support the Winter Night Shelter MK.

Make a difference - Donate now

Your support will make a real difference to people’s lives affected by homessness in Milton Keynes.

Donate Via Just Giving

What difference will your donation make?

Donating any amount, be it large or small, to the On The Move campaign will help us reach our target of £25,000.

Find out what kind of difference your donation will really make:

A donation of


could fund

A hot drink and a snack for someone desperately in need, creating a chance to start a conversation

A donation of


could fund

Lunch for someone that may not otherwise eat that day

A donation of


could fund

Paint and decorating tools to help create a warm & welcoming environment for guests ready to step off the street

A donation of


could fund

Basic appliances for food preparation that we all take for granted – like a kettle and toaster, to stock the (currently empty) guest kitchen area

A donation of


could fund

Replacement identification documents for someone that has lost everything – one of the first steps in accessing benefits, securing work and applying for housing

A donation of


could fund

Vital survival equipment for people in desperate while sleeping rough – including torches, sleeping bags, and even a tent

A donation of


could fund

Printed materials that can be used to tell people about Unity Park and the support available.

A donation of


could fund

Renovation to one of the role-specific rooms in the Unity Park building – creating a safe space for someone to get help privately

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Last year, our incredible team raised over £45,000 for charity, and this year we hope to top even that. But we can’t do it without your help.

Applications are now open to join our brand new running team to take part in the 2019 Rightmove Milton Keynes Marathon and join us in fundraising for some great causes.

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